We enjoyed the Art Deco Car Parade and other events at the Art Deco Festival in Napier, New Zealand on Saturday, and knew we had one more event we couldn’t miss!

After attending church on Sunday in Hawkes Bay, we returned to downtown Napier to watch the Soap Box Derby, where children and their fathers race their homemade boxcars down a hill! It is a VERY well-attended event, and we were lucky to get a even a tiny view at the very end of the track!

The kids loved watching it, although the excitement was over by the time the cars slowed to a stop at our end of the track.

“The man” waiting patiently in the shade for the rest of us to finally get bored, as well 🙂

Walking back to the car, I found this sign on the local fire-truck to be somewhat humorous. “Don’t drink & fry”…

How cute is this?

And this? Everywhere I looked was a photo op!

If you want to see the Napier Soapbox Derby…you better arrive early and be prepared to stand in the sun for a long period of time!! This is a very popular event!


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