On Te Anga Road, beyond Waitomo Village, you will run into an easy walk to “Marakopa Falls”. The trail is well-marked, and has a sign indicating that it is a 10 minute hike. Between our two-family traveling crew (with a total of 8 kids from 7 months to 12 years), a “10 min” walk means 30-60 minutes. Sooo…the perfect trail length!!

The easy trail is beautiful and green beyond explanation.

At the end of the path, you are rewarded with this gorgeous view of Marakopa Falls!

Marakopa Falls are 35m high, and as they are so close to Waitomo, you really shouldn’t miss them if you’re visiting the area to see the glowworm caves (also not-to-be-missed is the nearby Mangapohue Natural Bridge).

A family pic!

Have I mentioned that this kid kills me?!

Ella with her friend, Marie

My typical view on a walk/hike…

My typical appearance on a walk/hike in New Zealand (frizzy, pulled-up hair, included)!

Dawson is a good sport, and loves going on walks with Mommy!

(Directions: Marokopa Falls is 15 km east of Marokopa and 31 km west of Waitomo, on Te Anga Road)

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