Next up in Alsace, France, we drove to Riquewihr—which is noted as one of the most beautiful villages in France (we agree). It’s 7 miles away from the popular city of Colmar, and supposedly looks, more or less, like it did back in the 16th century.

Riquewihr was one of the few towns in the area not badly damaged during WWII-so it’s a beautiful place to experience some preserved history. The town is surrounded by a huge medieval wall, and overlooked by a nearby castle.

We parked outside of the medieval wall, and walked into the village, which was heavily trafficed by foot tourists!

Some backpackers were clearly stocking up on some cheeses. It was awesome to see a store full of traditional style cheese blocks. If I hadn’t been with kids, I would have loved to do some cheese tasting!

The buildings were so beautiful…almost edible!

The highest point in the village is the old medieval Dolder watch tower, which has protected the village for more than 7 centuries.

It was built in 1291!!!!!

We snuck away from the tourists and meandered through the back alleys and streets.

When leaving the village, we drove past some vineyards that were clearly in the middle of their harvest.

The whole region was simply stunning…picture-worthy everywhere you looked! Next up…Colmar!

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