Our flight out of Frankfurt, Germany was at 10pm. This allowed us to pack up, clean up our Aunt/Uncle’s apartment that they had let us use, and have a more relaxing exit to the airport.

A friend recently told us how her family loves to arrive at the airport very early and relax, so as to avoid the stresses of last-minute check-in, etc. We took that to mind (since we are usually literally the last ones to board a plane), and decided to shoot for a whopping 5 hours early. 5 hours!!

We left our Aunt and Uncle’s home 1 hour late, which put us on a 4 hour early schedule. We then had the additional hitch of finding a functioning gas station near the airport, and we knocked off more time returning the car rental, picking up dinner in the airport, and finally finding the check-in counter. Wouldn’t you guess it…by the time we actually arrived to the gate, we were a cushy 2 hours early.

Here are all of our worldly (travel) possessions…


Ethan’s wanting to grow up fast, but he’s still too small to handle our day packs by himself…


We were surprised that the airplane actually boarded us ONE HOUR early, and pulled away from the terminal shortly after. I guess that’s why they are so strict on their check-in time…they have to boogie away from the terminal fast!

The ended up giving our family the VERY last seats in the plane…not what I would have picked (I was having trouble selecting my seats online). We were briefly worried that we were next to the bathrooms and it would be noisy and smelly, but then we also considered that we would expose the fewest amount of people to potentially screaming children…so we opted to stay put instead of shift around in the relatively under-booked plane.


One would think killing an hour before the flight took off might be a burden…but when they started passing out “free” gifts (let’s face it—it’s all included in price of our flight!), we were highly entertained.

First came the kid’s packs with coloring books, sticker books, colored pencils, and other do-dads.



Next came the night gift pack, which included an eye mask for sleeping, a travel toothbrush with toothpaste, sleep socks, and ear plugs! The ear plugs came in handy with the bathroom traffic (and the friendly flight attendants who were chatting away in the back room).


The kids were happy to most of it to use right away!



They also gave us a free newspaper in English (several other languages were available, too)!


The built-in entertainment system didn’t work on this flight (well, not on our seats, at least)…but I found it to be a good excuse to go to sleep. Jared, who does not sleep well on planes, was not amused.


Each entertainment system came with its own remote, which could have allowed us to play games with each other (if we enjoyed kind of thing).

I liked the solo cup holder option…I’ve always thought it was a terrible design to require trays to be lowered just to hold a drink!

I also liked the little insert in the seat back pockets…teaching us how to do yoga from our seats, do foot exercises to keep up the blood flow, and some other super hippie recommendations!


Food was delivered, and was a hit. We had the option of pre-selecting our meals for our flights online. I had chosen a fruit plate for Ethan, kid’s plates for the girls, a normal adult meal for Jared, and a Hindu vegetarian plate for myself (I had nearly a dozen different things to choose from)!

The meals weren’t cheap junky dishes…they were nicely made, and served quite fancy, too! My Hindu dinner was unique…but I enjoy unique Smile

The girls got children’s dinner packs in a high quality plastic lunchbox. Their meal included chicken breasts on rice, which they didn’t care for. Jared ate their chicken, and I ate their rice.


Another recommendation for flying with children prompted me to pack some secret goodies. A friend suggested that flying is NOT a normal every-day occurrence, so it shouldn’t be treated as such. Therefore, it is okay to not expect normal behavior, and to go out of your way to make sure your children are happy, adjusted, and not disrupting other passengers.

We were so glad we took her advice when Ethan began to throw a fit at the beginning of the flight, and were were able to quickly settle it by unveiling some little dinosaurs I had picked up and hidden away for this flight!


The next morning Maiya had her turn starting to throw a fit (this time with a full plane), and I quickly whipped out some little doll furniture kits for the girls…problem solved!


We had a layover in Qatar, which went smoothly and quickly. They have a nice facility with free wifi, and Ella was prompted to ask, “Mommy, why are all of those guys dressed up?”

Our 2nd leg of the flight was another 7 hours (after the first 6 hours), and went without a hitch. This time the entertainment system worked…so we got some movie time in, as well as picked up another round of kids lunch packs, craft packs, and new meal choices all over again!


Qatar Airways is relatively young, and obviously has some good seed money behind it! They bill themselves as a 5-star airline, which I have to agree with. You should have seen the business class seats!

After having such a miserable International flight on Condor in August, it was such a relief to have such a beautiful flight experience this time around.

And the best part?

Qatar Airways was a budget flight…but it certainly didn’t feel like it!


I’d love to fly with them again!

Next stop?!  BANGKOK!!

My name is Alisa, and I am off traveling the world with my adventurous husband and rambunctious 3 small children. I love mountains, outdoor living, and I am crazy about vegetables. Most of all, I love making memories with my family, and I enjoy sharing our travels with others!


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  1. I’m impressed with all that flying – seriously impressed. You did good girl! And I’m also impressed with the pics – you are very good about documenting all the details and pics always make a post more fun!

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