My name is Ella and I am 7 1/2 years old. I love traveling!

I like traveling because I make new friends and I get to meet new people. And I like traveling because I get to see new things.

I love paintings on buildings. It’s fun to see things!


This is me in my gymnastics competition. It was in June in Mexico. I got first place!


l love this picture because he’s going, “Oooh! Too much pictures!” He’s funny!


I love looking at new carpets. These are carpets of sawdust and flowers in Guatemala. We were there in April for Semana Santa.




This is me on an island in Mexico. I had a lot of fun. I have been on 3 islands—one in Mexico and two in Belize.


When we went to this island they had crocodiles and a bunch of lizards.


They look funny. They were behind fences. Some were fat, some were not!


Whoa, I’m surprised!  There’s a tarantula in the road! How could that happen? Tarantulas look a little different than spiders. They’re fuzzy and very very big. I wonder if they’re soft. I would not like to hold one.


There’s amazing views somewhere to see a volcano. And that was in Colima, Mexico.


This is me with my first camera. And who took the picture? Well, maybe I was holding it? I think I was!


Tuk tuks are small, and they have a funny name.


I have ridden in one. Here’s a picture of me riding in Guatemala.


Tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk!


I’m amazed that these girls can carry very heavy things! This is humongous!  It even has a bunch of other heavy stuff on it, too! Wow!


This is a chapel lit up. It has a bunch of pretty stuff on it.


These are churros. They are very yummy. In Spain sometimes they dip them in chocolate. These churros are from Guatemala. They have sugar on them, but in Spain they only have sugar on the plate. Yum, yum!


What is that?! I think it is a crocodile! It looks cut up. I would never like to eat a crocodile. Not even a teeny bite!


These are some of my friends. Some travel, some don’t. But most of them do!



This is us smelling flowers in a huge market in Guatemala.


These are some of the Dennings.




This is a friend that is going, “oooooh!”


Suddenly some kids popped up to come sit in a picture with us. It was kind of embarrassing.


This is Kyah with some water packets to drink out of.


These are friends from Alaska. They are going to start traveling, too.


This is my friend, Nuria. She is very nice, too.


These are the Whiteheads. They’re fun to play with. They lived close to us once. They are traveling, too.


This is us on Easter with the Dennings and Kings in Guatemala.


Me and Kyah with the eggs. We also did a scavenger hunt with the eggs. Who wants to eat them?


These are some friends in Belize. We’re eating food, too.


I wish I could stay longer with my friend.


Well, that was fun to make a blog post! My first time doing it, too.

Bye, bye!

My name is Ella, and I am off traveling the world with my family. I love being with new friends, and I like buildings that I’ve never seen before. I took most of these pictures. If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be to China!  If you liked my blog post…please leave a comment!

21 Responses to “A Guest Post by Ella”

  1. Very nice, Ella, and the pictures are amazing!

  2. Great job, Ella!! I wouldn’t want to hold a tarantula either!

  3. What a sweet and beautiful post, Ella! I love reading about your adventures! We are also traveling with our 3 girls. Maybe we will meet someday! Have fun!

  4. I don’t know if my post got lost, but I will repost! It was a very sweet post, Ella. I love reading about your adventures from your point of view. I am traveling with my 3 girls too. They were born in Whitehorse, near Skagway, Alaska. We might meet you on the road sometime! Have fun!

  5. Great post, Ella. Stevie and enjoyed meeting you in Spain.

    I like the churros that have sugar on them already much better. And I’ve eaten alligator. It’s actually quite tasty.

    I hope you’ll write more and share more of your photography!

  6. Good job Ella!!!
    I love all the comments and all the pictures!
    Keep it going!

  7. mindy stewart says:

    Ella, I like your blog very much. You’re picture of the cut-up crocodile was very interesting. You take very good pictures. I’m looking forward to more of your blogs.

    Love, Mindy Stewart

  8. Manda Barker says:

    Hi Ella!
    Thank you for sharing so many neat pictures and stories with us! I liked your blog post very much. Those carpets made of sawdust and flowers look so colorful and beautiful! Also, I have heard of tuk tuks but I had never seen one until today, so I am glad you included a picture of one! You and your family are very lucky to get to travel around the world and see so many new things and make so many new friends. I hope that you will make another blog post someday. Your first one was wonderful! My name is Manda, and I know who you are because I knew your mom when she lived in Topeka. We did fun shows together, and she sang lots of songs and wore funny costumes. Please tell your mom hello for me! Take care, Ella!

  9. Excellent post Ella! We think your family was fun to be with, too! Our girls miss playing with you and hope we can see you again sometime.
    I liked all the photos of the carpets in Antigua, but I did not like the photo of the chopped up alligator or crocodile. I have eaten alligator before, once, a LONG time ago and it tasted like chicken.
    I can’t wait to read another blog post. Keep up the great work & give your family a big hug from all of us!

  10. I love your post! It looks a lot like my first post… About a year ago. My favorite part is when you said “these are some of the Dennings” the “some of” part made me laugh.

  11. Marilyn Lybbert says:

    Ella, Grandpa and I just looked at your blog post. We loved it. We loved all your cute pictures and seeing where you have been. We loved everything you wrote. Keep writing blogs! It s fun for grandma and grandpa to look at them.
    We love you and miss you so, so, so much!

  12. Charlotte says:

    Wow! What a lot of friends, fun and adventures! Lucky you. Keep up the great work and keep writing. Lots of love from England xx

  13. Ella!! I haven’t met you (yet) but we are a traveling family too and I think your first blog post is fantastic!! You make me homesick for a lot of the places you’ve been… because we’ve been to many of the same places and now that we’re in Asia we miss things like churros and tortillas, but we still have tuk-tuks, so I guess we’ll survive!! Keep writing! You’re doing a GREAT job!

  14. Melanie Murrish says:

    Fab!!!!!!!!!! We need more of these posts Ella. It’s made our travel plans a lot easier to explain to our kids! I loved the photos and especially the straightforward explanations. I am also very jealous that you have spent time with The Dennings-they are one of my favourite travelling families and are a great inspiration to us,as are you guys! Keep up the good work and enjoy exploring our fabulous world. The Murrish Family.x

  15. Ella! I loved reading your blog post! You take amazing photos and really capture the lovely places that you have visited! I’m so glad you enjoy traveling with your family and I hope to cross paths with you someday. I am teaching in Kuwait right now but hope to relocate next year to a new destination. Keep blogging and enjoy your travels! I am the mom of one of your mom’s friends when she was growing up!!! Take good care….Beth

  16. Ella, what a great job. I can’t believe that was your first blog post.

    My family is a traveling family just like yours. And we’re living near your old neighborhood in Chapala, very close to the Whiteheads. (They ARE fun to play with, aren’t they!)

    Keep writing! And please give your mom & dad hugs from us. We had such a good time visiting with them when they came to Vancouver.

    Renee 🙂

  17. Great job Ella! I love all of your beautiful pictures. My favourite part of traveling is meeting so many new friends. It looks like you have met so many wonderful people!

  18. Hi Ella! Great job on your post, and I hope you get to do another one soon! I don’t think I would want to eat crocodile either – that looks disgusting. And I hope you get to go to China someday, it is one of my favorite places I’ve visited. I love you! -Tia Lea

  19. Ella you did a great job on your post! I loved to read it but my favorite pat were the pictures. It is fun to watch you grow, explore and have fun. W can’t wait to see you again!

    Love, Loya

  20. Very nice post Ella! We miss your family 🙂

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