I’m always a little bit shocked (and perhaps miffed) when people ask us WHY we like Mexico (which isn’t technically Central America, but close enough).  They say it with this little bit of disdain, wondering how we could possibly prefer anything less than 1st quality living all of the time.

After living and traveling in Mexico for nearly 2 years, as well as making trips to Belize and Guatemala…we are left with the question, “Why wouldn’t we? What’s not to love?”

Yes, every country and its cultures has a few things we’d like to forget or overlook…but even with those in mind, Latin American has too many things going for it to discount it as an awesome travel destination!

Our friends at Familytrek.org are currently on a trip through Central America, and have taken a break from blogging. In its place, they’ve asked some fellow bloggers to prepare some posts sharing why they love Central America. We’ve kicked off the start of their guest series, and you can read our guest post here:

Why Living Outside of the Box Loves Central America

2 Responses to “Why we love Central America”

  1. I haven’t been to Mexico yet (high on my list), but I have lived and traveled various Asian countries for over two years, and I can say that emphatically that I LOVE third world countries. The people and culture teaches me so much. Good post!

    • I can’t wait to go to Thailand in a month! I think I will feel much more “at home” there, than in Europe! There is so much more LIFE and LIVING in “3rd world” countries!! You need to go to Mexico…it’s awesome!

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