The weather was beautiful on this cool, crisp morning in Miltenburg, Germany!



We found a cool old street leading up to a tower with a path underneath…begging us to come see beyond its entry!



It did not disappoint!  How beautiful!



It’s a tad bit old…1400-ish 🙂


Miltenburg is pretty picturesque!







The kids also enjoyed watching the ducks under the bridge (with the cool entryway pictured above)…




Next up, we drove to see the Wurzburg Palace. It was pretty massive!





They let visitors tour through one wing of the palace, while I believe the other portion is used for Parliament. We had to check in our stroller and swap it out for one of their strollers (funny enough–it was almost exactly the same)–no cost. Then they sent us up through elevators, which meant that we entered and left the floors from odd places, so we were never sure where to go and were sometimes told to take the stairs, despite knowing the elevator was behind the door. It was a bit odd!!  Employees did not speak English (except for at the ticket counter)

Also, photos were not allowed 🙁

One floor of the wing we toured was fairly interesting and impressive…the others (like the museum of porcelain floor) were pretty ho-hum. The outside is prettier, and we enjoyed walking through the gardens afterwards!








The city of Wurzburg was surprisingly cute, too. A few streets away from the palace we found the city center…



Like the other tourists, we walked on the bridge and took photos looking out of the city…



and back towards the city…



Our stomachs began to grumble, and so we stopped for some quick grub in the center plaza where some permanent food and produce stands were set up. The produce place was kind enough to slice up some nectarines for our family, and we dove into a cut watermelon, as well. Jared got a hamburger that he wasn’t impressed with…



And an order of fries was delivered like this…



I have yet to learn what these poles are in Germany. Any input?  Anyone?



Cute little market stands selling dried floral arrangements!



Ethan climbs on everything he can…



I guess no matter where you are…boys will still be boys!


My name is Alisa, and I am off traveling the world with my adventurous husband and rambunctious 3 small children. I’m certainly not the perfect traveler, mother, wife, friend, or daughter…but I take joy in the beauty of the world around me, I love making memories with my family, and I enjoy sharing our travels with others!

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  1. By the way, I think you’re the perfect mother, wife, traveler, friend, daughter AND sister…so you should change your “About Me”. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous photos! What a beautiful city!

  3. You camping, or what are you staying at?

  4. That looks like a Maypole… you know, for May Day? (Not sure if it is but that’s my two cents…) Love the photos you take – surely that is a beautiful place you’ve landed!! BTW, we love Mexico too and got the same comments when we took our latest vacation there.

    • Yeah, a Maypole is the only thing I can think of. We’ve seen them all around…but I keep forgetting to ask someone! When we get back to Germany, hopefully I’ll remember to ask!

      And yes…Mexico is AWESOME. And SOOO underappreciated!

    • That’s the only pole-related thing I can think of…but what do I know about German poles?! When we return briefly next month, hopefully I’ll remember to ask someone and get a real answer! (a quick search on Google might do the job…when I feel like knowing…haha!!)

      And Mexico…awe, yes! It is so under-appreciated!


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