The drive out of Acapulco is still beautiful, despite the only Mexican town I prefer never to return to! 😉

There was abundant farmland, and the taxi system turned into pickup trucks with covered backs.

We arrived in Puerto Escondido just after sundown, and parked near the center of town to go find some food. This tiny beach town has several blocks of great gift shops (if you’reinto that kind of thing), and a small strip of beach that was still active even after sundown. Parking is tricky…but we found a spot for the evening, at least.

The shopping street is lined with some little eateries, and we found a mom & pop shop where our server was a 10 year old boy. Eggs and beans for Jared and Ethan, spaghetti with white sauce for the girls (which they both refused to eat…it is nothing like alfredo sauce), and a beautiful veggie-filled salad for me!

Ethan has pretty bad manners (yes, it’s our fault), and tries to sit on tables.  But when the kid is happier (and more stable) on the tabletops, it’s awfully hard to discipline him and make him sit in the chair a like a normal human being.

The gift stores on the street had tourist junk, and also some nicer clothes, etc.

How about these umbrellas pens made from string?

We walked into a clown performance on the street. We have found this many places through Mexico…where there is a crowd, someone is trying to make some money!  Clowns gather quite the crowd!

With scarce parking downtown, we opted to go over to the main beach strip that is popular among surfers all over the world. It is a different world than the little downtown area of Puerto Escondido, and when people think of this town…they are likely thinking of this little beach strip.

It was late, and we thought we were fortunate to find one of the last rooms available at Hotel Innes, a quirky but well done place with beach views. The property is setup for all of the surfers, so the rooms have little mini-cooking areas outside the door, so that people can eat more affordably.  Besides the large buildings at the front of the property, they have little casitas at the back of the property…hidden among the maze of greenery. We settled on a room with internet access, and were pleased that it had a queen bed for us with luxurious bedding, and it also had couch-benches for the kids!  Complete with a hammock in front of each room, we had a comfy night.

The property had a pool, which we enjoyed the night we arrived, but the beach out front was a bit too rough for swimmers. It is definitely a surf-spot, and a calmer beach for swimming would be better found in town, where we were the night before.

Good restaurants on the beach are easily found, as well as street vendors, and beautiful views!

And I thought this mural was fun…

Trash is well-contained, although they need some bigger trash cans for the weekends, perhaps:

Puerto Escondido is definitely a town worth visiting, most particularly if you are a surfer! Keep in mind, however, it is very popular with foreigners, and it is not a budget town! 🙂

Overall, it made happy kids for the day…which is always a plus!

It’s not every day that Ella is composed to write “love notes” to her sister. I love that Ella loves her sister “to moch”!

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  1. I love all the colors!

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