Remember how I said I love the Tonala Friday market?  Most Lake Chapalans balk at the idea of going to Tonala on the busiest day of the week…but we LOVE it!

So, with our friend, Nicholle, from Alaska in tow…we first headed out and did a quick sweep of Tlaquepaque before taking her to the Tonala market!  The pigeons in Tlaquepaque were again out in full force…

We found some grub to eat.  It was a rare treat to be served some chips and pico de gallo (fresh salsa) to eat!  True Mexican style, however, these chips were HARD. Kind-of-makes-your-teeth-hurt-hard!

We ordered some pozole—chicken soup with homoney (corn) that I love. I can pick out the chicken, and I love to squeeze lime all over it. 🙂

Next, we ran over to the Tlaquepaque gift show that was going on this week. Our jewelry vendor (we wholesale jewelry from Mexico) was there, so we went to say “hi” and order some new pieces!

He showed us some other companies that had some intriguing product lines…including this gal who makes jewelry using coconut shell, I believe. What do you think?

I liked these carved motifs in the coconut shell. Would you buy these?  Should we consider repping these in the US, too?

When I can’t make up my mind about things, I assume my answer should be no. But hey…I admit I’m not a very fashionable person…so maybe other people should vote?!!

Next, we drove 15 minutes over to Tonala to enjoy their street market, the tianguis. I’m a little photo-happy in markets. Enjoy the photos!

Can you spot the manly Mexican doll with a mustache among the reclining women?

These have eyes!

I’ve honestly never tried these. I think they’re a fruit covered in chili and salt.

We went to visit our friends in Tonala who custom-made us beautiful metal work over 3 years ago (for our former retail store in Alaska). This is a beautiful hard-working couple. The husband was very proud to have his daughter recite to us what he has taught her are the most important things in this world:  “Life, Health, and Money”

I remember thinking, “hopefully family and God are included in ‘Life’?!”

Typical street vendor setup…

Typically involves lots of oil and meat leftovers. Ugh….

The chapel in Tonala…

Can you guess what this is?

It’s chili paste! And these are different fruit syrups below, I believe…

Artisans abound in Tonala…including amazing painters!

She’s got her nopales (cactus) to eat!

6 Responses to “Tonala Tianguis in Guadalajara”

  1. Beautiful photos (well, maybe not the one of the chili paste…that looks like…you know)! You really captured the colors of the market.

    I also love that anything can have chili and lime over it and be delicious!

    • Haha! Isn’t it true, though? Chili and lime make *almost* everything better! Except for candy and fruit…I still can’t agree with Mexico on that one…!

      • Dr.Cristina Castellano says:

        What a nice web-site. I loved all your beautiful photos and the comments. The chili paste its called “MOLE” in Spanish. The word comes from Nahuatl, the ancient language of aztecs. In nahuatl the word was “MULI” that means “Sauce”. Mole is very pretty famous in mexican culture, it’s a chocolate -chili sauce.

        Finally, chili and fruits is a cultural heritage in mexican culture, not everybody loves of course but not everybody loves american ketchup… 😉

        Good to read you.

  2. Hey Bro..!! Excellent Web Page, and your Pic´s are amazing.
    I´m glad you like it Mexico, and I note that your family in the same way enjoy all color´s, shapes and taste´s from my country…
    The Fruit covered in chili and salt is called “Arrayan” (Myrtus communis), “Mirto” in Europe. This fruit if you taste it´s very similiar to guavas, here in Guadalajara it´s most popular typical fruits, and you found it in Syrup(for Water and Ice), Candy´s and other desserts. Best Regards and Congratulations!

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