In early February we were blessed to have another friend visit from Alaska!  Another fellow business owner from Skagway joined us for about a week, and we enjoyed showing her the interior of Mexico for the first time (she’s only been to beach towns).  Nicholle is a beautiful blonde that enjoys traveling as much as we do!

We watched some fishermen on Lake Chapala…

Also a typical sight off the Ajijc malecon…

(this is Nicholle’s photo…I stole it, because it is just to cool!)

We drove up through the Chula Vista neighborhood to get a nice view of the lake!

There are some funky houses up there. This is only the backside…the glorious front side hangs over the mountainside and makes you wonder if a maharaja will step out of the door at any minute.

Just under him is another tile house.

We then took Nicholle through upper La Floresta where there are a few very colorful homes. I imagine they’re homes of gringo artists with a bit of time on their hands…

We then went to downtown Ajijic and I couldn’t help myself from snapping photos of all of the wall murals. This is why I love Ajijic…it has class, color, and character!

“Door of the Lake: Heart of Ajijic” (there’s probably a better translation for “door” in this case…but couldn’t put my tongue on it)

Nicholle who knows Spanish better than I do. She went to Madrid for a winter and studied there, but admits that she picked up the crazy Spanish accent from that city! They’ve got a funny Spanish lisp there…and I’m eager to go hear it for myself one day!

My favorite fruit and veggie vendor in Ajijic. His stuff is much fresher and better tasting than Walmart!  It is a great place to go get my produce when when I’m not up for treking through the tianguis markets (because I admit I’ve become lazy).

Oh, how I love Ajijic!!

8 Responses to “Colors of Ajijic Mexico”

  1. What gorgeous photos! We will make sure to visit this beautiful place!

  2. Wow! The colours are so vibrant! Beautiful pics!

  3. Adriana Cornejo says:

    Very nice…thanks for posting photos of my house, the tile house in “La Floresta”.


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