After returning home from a quick beach getaway, we returned to Lake Chapala to make some memories!

The girls were very eager to do “shows” for us, and we were privileged to be their audience!

My father-in-law’s sandals started falling apart at the beach, so we visited a shoe repair shop and had the thick rubber sole sewed right back onto the leather. The cost? Less than $5!

Here’s the shoe repair shop in Chapala (on the right, down the street past where the buses park at the station…for those who need that info)!

Again, playing with my camera…

Next we went to a nice restaurant up on the hill in the neighborhood of the Racquet Club, near San Juan Cosala.  It is also a hotel, and it is pretty quaint and nice.

They have an open kitchen right where you walk in , and seating out in the yard overlooking the lake. 

The view is pretty spectacular, don’t you think?

The kiddos with the grandparents!

She may drive me crazy…but I have to admit she’s pretty cute! 🙂

Okay…still playing with this new camera. Will you forgive me for taking too many photos of my kids?!

Next, we went to the Ajijic Malecon, and what do you know?!  There was a jicama paleta guy selling those sliced jicama-on-a-stick snacks that I told you the kids go crazy over. My kids haven’t them (and we’d just eaten…so they didn’t get a chance today), but I took plenty of photos of some other friend’s kids that we ran into at the lake!

These are sliced jicamas dipped in flavors, and I have no idea what flavors they are. But I’m assuming chili or tamarind, and the green stuff?  Beats me!

The girls had a great time playing on non-US safety standard equipment at the park with their buddies!

One more day to show the grandparents some of our favorites places in the Guadalajara area. Can you guess what’s next?

4 Responses to “Lake Chapala Memories”

  1. Wow! We have to go to that restaurant!! I can see you are having fun with your new camera!

  2. Beautiful children! Gotta love that someone came up with a snack that’s both fun and healthy. We are headed for LC tomorrow, yaaay!! What restaurant is that?

    • Yeah–pretty fun way to eat them (although I admit I never tried)! I am a fan of the Mexican way of covering everything in lime juice and chili, however!!
      The restaurant is in Las Fuentes. When you enter, turn right and take the road that goes out on the ridge. You will see the restaurant on the right out there (wish I could remember the name)!

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