Sounds silly, doesn’t it?  I mean…who wouldn’t want to eat Mexican food in Mexico?

Before you judge me, please keep in mind that Mexican food in the United States is NOT like Mexican food in Mexico. Which is fine and dandy in its own way…but after eating out 2 meals a day for a month, an individual can get really sick of Mexican food. In fact, even a family like ours can get sick of Mexican food.


Chinese Food!

It’s not that easy of a find in Mexico…but most bigger cities might have a Chinese joint hidden around town. Unfortunately, that takes a patience to find (not our forte).

So, we discovered a secret…

Where there is a mall in Mexico…there is CHINESE FOOD in the food court!

And it’s cheap. DIRT CHEAP.

And it’s monstrous.

We often have a hard time eating it all (with 5 mouths to feed)!! How much does it usually cost? Approximately $5 USD.

Sure, it may not be vegan or vegetarian, as I prefer…but there are always veggie options for me (a rarity in Mexican cooking) and everyone else enjoys a sweet & sour chicken treat!  🙂

Also, in case you were wondering…the Chinese restaurants are usually run by actual Chinese 😉

2 Responses to “Chinese Food in Mexico”

  1. You did know that there’s a Chinese place near the movie theater. They have 1 entree dishes for $40 MXN and is run by Chinese people. Our 2nd oldest got the call from her Daddy to pick some up (the other night when we borrowed your van) and she heard, “Get AT LEAST 3 plates.” Holy mackerel. We barely ate 2…but it was delish!

    • yes! Unfortunately, a lot of their offering is SEAFOOD, which we can’t handle (not even a hint of it), so we’ve never been able to give them their business. A few years ago there was a place on carratera that had an awesome Chinese buffet…but Mexican/Chinese style. Battered/fried everything with SPICY unique sauce…haha!

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