From Morelia, we took off for Angangueo, a mining town located in the far Eastern part of the state of Michoacán. This was to be our resting point before going to see the Monarch butterflies the next morning.

On the drive into Angangueo we saw that a circus was on its way out. We let the kids out for a brief look at the tiger, and then continued into town!

 We didn’t really have any goal in Angangueo, except to eat and find a hotel. Their plaza was quiet and simple, with two different chapels facing inwards.

The town is built on a hillside, but roads don’t go up very far. The residents in the houses further up the mountain have the hardest commute–by foot. I imagine the trek is worth it to them…they must have fantastic views!

The views in town weren’t too bad, either!

The streets near the plaza were all decorated with “Viva Mexico” banners (holiday decorations that were probably 2 months old!)

We found a quaint little eatery where we asked the lady for some beans and rice. We were pleasantly surprised when these beans and rice came with fresh tortillas, onions and cilantro, and lemons to squeeze over them. It was perfectly filling (and cheap)!

Next, we went to hunt down a hotel. Angangueo has very few streets, but we still managed to get turned around, and get stuck on several one-ways. Here’s looking up an alleyway at the chapel, from behind.

  After a good night’s rest in an empty hotel, we were refreshed and ready for our hike the next day!

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