I have mentioned before that I love that in Mexico you have the right to earn a living –in whatever form that may be. No one is going to bother you with permits, business licenses, leases, etc. If you want to feed yourself or your family, you get out there and you DO something about it!

I have seen arm-less, and even (literally) leg-less people fighting for a living on the side of the street….not by begging…but by selling, performing, or offering a window-washing service. It’s humbling, I tell ‘ya!

But before I really go off on that topic again (because I’ve been known to do that), I just wanted to show yet another inventive way of making a buck or two. You’d be much more likely to see a candy vendor selling from a wooden box strapped around their neck (a fairly typical sight in some areas), but this guy has wheels, and he is open for business!

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