Having just done a post about how to entertain children in the Lake Chapala area, I got the question about what to do with older kids. I started making a list for them, and realized I might as well just make a new post, for future reference!

So, with no further ado….

“What do I do with hard-to-please teenagers visiting Lake Chapala?!”

1. Tobolandia Water Park in Ajijic

Seriously, what teenager doesn’t like waterparks?  They have some great tall slides here, and some nice pools.  They may be a little bored if they have to do it alone (like most things), but if they have some buddies, they should have a great time!

Adults/Children $100/$50 Pesos ($7.25/$3.50 USD)

2. Trompo Magico Children’s Museum in Guadalajara 

I know it says “Children’s Museum”…but it really is fitting for any age. I saw a large amount of teenagers playing around in “older” rooms, where I was not allowed to bring my small children. They have many interactive and multi-media activities, or you can even take them on the “Brinco Loco” (a small extra cost) where they can be connected to bungee cords to do big flips on the trampoline.

If you’re taking your grandkids here…note that admission is free for adults over 60 yrs!

Adults/Children $35 pesos  ($2.50 USD!)

3. Selva Magica – Amusement Park near the Guadalajara Zoo

Roller coasters

Need I say more?

Adults/Children $80-180 pesos, depending on your packages  ($5.90-$13.20 USD)

4.  Go to the Movies!

Who doesn’t like a cheap movie at Movie Space Cinemas or Cinemas Del Lago?  Check out showtimes online, and send them off to the theater!  Movie Space has daily deals (2 for 1, etc), and Cinemas Del Lago has killer matinee fees.

While “children’s” movies are always dubbed over in Spanish, adult movies are usually shown in English with Spanish subtitles. If you have any doubt, ask before you buy your ticket!

Tickets range anywhere from $20-$60 pesos for 3D ($2.50-$4.40 USD)

5. Hike to Tepalo Waterfall in Ajijic

If you’re here in the rainy season, the falls will be running strong!  The hike to the falls is quite short, but for a good challenge keep going to the top of the mountain! But don’t forget to bring your own water! Jim gives instructions to find the trail and many more details here.

Of course, you could always take a horseback ride from Lower La Floresta, rent some kayaks, ATV’s, or spend a day jet skiing on the lake!  

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