Over Memorial Day weekend, my sister invited our family up to a condo in Midway to enjoy 2 nights together with Lara (who was visiting from GA), and my brother Brian, & his family.

One morning we escaped the condo and went for a looong hike (well, verrrrry long with all of these kids in tow)! Me, my sisters, the kiddos, and Jared. We weren’t sure if the trail was EVER going to loop around and head back towards the car, and I was waiting for complete breakdowns from the kids…but suddenly, the trail looped back, and we all survived!

We also enjoyed some pool time. Please escuse the AWFUL photo of me. But I thought this photo was hysterical!
Maiya has an inflatable swim suit that her Grandma sent her. It inflates with air in the front, and back (sort of like a Carebear tummy)…so we had to take a “big belly” photo! Like mother…like daughter!

It took her about 10 minutes to figure out how to balance herself in the pool with the inflatable swimsuit…but once she got the hang of it, she was swimming on her own…leaving me nearly hands free! So cool…thanks Grandma!

And, as usual, a pleasure trip for us always turns into a business trip of some sort. We stopped in at the Park City store that carries the wood watches (and now our flower jewelry)…and I nabbed some photos of some of their displays. Aren’t these wood watches gorgeous? Don’t you know someone that NEEDS one for Father’s Day?!! 😉

My shameless plug….


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4 Responses to “Trip to Midway”

  1. belly picture is SOOOOOO stinkin' cute and priceless. And I really want you to send me that group picture from the hike! Love it.

  2. I've been enjoying reading about your adventures on your blog for awhile and wondered if you had started your move to Mexico?

    Also, my husband is a member of a watch forum, and I'd like to send him a link to your wooden watches–he says there are several on the forum that might be interested. Are they available through your polish pottery link?

  3. Cute picture of you and Maiya! It's rough being in a family with so many cute sister-in-laws!

  4. I am finally catching up on blogs again, and fun to read and see what you are up to. That is too funny about the swim suit picture!

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