After spending a week in Quincy visiting family, we took the Montana route back to Utah. We stopped at stores along the way, and made a special trip to the West Yellowstone area, where we are trying to nab a few accounts (both wood watches and flower jewelry).
Montana has a certain kind of beauty that I can appreciate.
Just in case you might have missed them…they actually post signs…
Since we were at the West Yellowstone entrance, we began to think we’d be crazy if we didn’t take the opportunity to drive into the park and show the girls some geysers! So, we gave in…and despite the fact that there was snow on the ground (and we had packed for Spring/Summer weather!)…we took a 3 hour detour, and walked to some sights, and waited to see Old Faithful!
It was fun to take some of the classic “Yellowstone Childhood Photos” that I have several of as a child!

What? A geyser? Where?!

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  1. How fun! I've been dying to go to Yellowstone for a few years now, but we just haven't made it! The girls are getting so big and Ella's smile is so stinking adorable!

  2. I think because I grew up so close to Yellowstone that I take it for granted how nifty it is. I'm not sure it I have a picture in front of Old Faithful. I love the ones of Maiya!

  3. That picture of Maiya in front of the fence and geyser looks just like I remember you as a little girl at Yellowstone!

  4. I can't believe how big your girls are–they are beautiful! And what a fun trip. I've been really wanting to take my kids to Yellowstone; I just love it out there. Good for you to make the time–you always regret it when you don't. Fun pictures!

  5. Yellowstone is such a fun place. i haven't been there in forever.

    I love the baking post below, that pan of cookies is awesome! i have to say it still looked yummy. i bet they still tasted good!

  6. I love that I get to see the world through your blog.

    Thanks 🙂

  7. I love the pictures. Your girls are so adorable!!!

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