Topeka, Kansas has the coolest park, EVER. No, seriously…after dropping by there with the girls when we drove through town, Jared finally understood why I think that most parks are “blah”…

There is just something SOOO cool about seeing your children re-live some of your own childhood memories.

We rode the Gage Park Train ($1.25 for a ride around the 160 acre park…where can you find a price like that, nowadays?) and dangerous antiquated see-saw benches (see photo bottom right) were not to be missed!

Not to mention “Animal Land” is just about of one the COOLEST places to play (well, it was to me as a kid, anyhow…and it didn’t seem to disapoint 20 years later, either)!! It’s fun to see that the old fading paint jobs and animal creatures (law-suit proof or not) are still all there!
Kudos to Topeka for keeping this place alive and well!
Too bad I can’t take this park with me where I go!
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5 Responses to “Gage Park…photos now working…”

  1. the pics bring back memories – and it is one of the coolest parks ever! How fun to go enjoy some time there!

  2. Gage park is RIGHT down the road from where Spencer was born. We LOVE it. 🙂

  3. I saw that park from a distance, but Brian never took me on the train ride. Now, I feel cheated.

  4. I am so happy to come across this post! I had been searching for information to find out if this park still had all the amazing features that made it a special place to visit as a child! Thanks for posting the pictures. So many memories there!

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