On Day #9, we woke up at 6am, packed up the tent (7 days of camping!) and flew to the Big Island (the actual island named “Hawaii”).

We visted some businesses, and did some sight-seeing. Some of the names in Hawaii make me laugh…

And other signs keep me smiling…
Cool tree in Hilo
The PeePee Falls, I think…
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4 Responses to “Hawaii – Day #9”

  1. Man, that's gotta be tough – business trip to Hawaii! :o) Glad to see you guys are having success and fun too! We found a house that's perfect, with a great price too – we hope to close before Thanksgiving. It's crazy fast but we feel good about it. Miss you guys – enjoy the rest of Hawaii!

  2. Safety Lady says:

    Love seeing my old stomping grounds. You know that road to Hana will never be improved because of John Lennon! Can't travel it in bad weather and the road washes out several times a season. We tried to take the road with a truck once, what a fun memory. Have fun and soak in every visual, there's nothing like it elsewhere in the US

  3. Man… looks like a tough life! Hope you are having fun (although you are probably “home” by now). What are Fronds?

  4. Wow!You guys went to Hawaii? Fun!

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