So, after our long trek to the Oregon Coast (maybe I’ll post on that later…first I have to find some necessary camera cords, since the photos got saved to the internal memory of the camera)…we went to Washington State!!

We generally did nothing (because we all go the flu within a week’s time), but one night when most of us were feeling well, we escaped to the local hardware store. Sometimes I can find it easy to forget that Jared grew up on a farm, and did crazy things like shoot the birds with a BB gun, and jump on bloated dead cows…umm…yeah.

Well, as we were walking through the store, the in-laws began to give me some lessons on farming. I couldn’t resist capturing the moment.

Robert (on left) is holding a giant magnet (and magnet thruster) that you push down a cow’s throat. That magnet collects barb wire in the cow’s stomach, just in case they swallow some (i.e. if their hay stacks are wrapped in it…the old fashioned way). Yum.

Jared is holding a cauterizing tools (for cows). Oh, he’s told me all about this before, but to see the tools in person…WOW. You should have seen Jared and Robert’s excitement as they told me about the cutter and rubber bands.

Ella is holding a horse shoe and horse shoe hammer.

And Marilyn is holding a bottle to feed calves with!

Jared and decided we’d make some dang-good ranchers!
And we did a corn maze with the kiddos and Jared’s parents!
And we lived through an ice storm.
Okay, not really. Robert decided to run the sprinkler on the night of the first freeze.
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3 Responses to “Just another day in Washington…”

  1. You look good in that hat. Sure you don't want to reconsider your career and move back?

  2. Wha??? Nice ice storm, and I think you married a red-neck. 🙂

  3. Love the pictures. gotta ask–what hurts a cow worse? Swallowing the barbed wire? Or having it pulled out?

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