While driving through Hamilton, New Zealand, on the way South to Waitomo—we drove right past the LDS Hamilton New Zealand temple! It stands on a big hill on the outskirts of town…seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It overlooks 86 acres that it shares with the former Church College of New Zealand (a Church-operated school for 12-18 yr old students that permanently closed in 2009). The friends we were traveling with offered to stop and take some photos of our family in front of the temple. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and besides attending weekly church in meetinghouses throughout the world, we also love the opportunity to worship in temples. Temples are different from meetinghouses/chapels in that extra preparation and dedication is needed to enter them. As Mormon.org explains: “Literally a house of God, the temple is where members of the Church go to commune with Heavenly Father, feel His presence, and make covenants with Him that have eternal significance.”

Hamilton LDS Temple New Zealand-

Hamilton LDS Temple New Zealand-02244

It’s true–we didn’t take any spectacular photos of the outside of the temple—only family photos—shame on me! Here’s a photo that belongs to someone else:

© 2005, Trudy Osborne.

We didn’t have a lot of time to spare, so I just ran into the Visitor’s Center quickly to use the restroom. And what an amazing visitor’s center it is!! There is a replica of the Christus statue, interactive displays, and comfy seating available for those who are visiting. I wish we had time to explore the various displays here—but alas—on we went!

Hamilton LDS Temple Visitor's Center New Zealand-49

Want to know some random facts? The Hamilton temple has a sister building—the Bern Switzerland Temple! We missed seeing that one when we were in Bern…but I guess we can *almost* check it off the list, now! Ha! Also, it was the 11th operating temple, and the first temple built in the Southern Hemisphere. Next time…we’ll have to plan enough time to be able to actually stop at the Visitor’s Center, at a minimum!

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