After enjoying our stroll along the Ruess River waterfront and the famous Chapel Bridge, we decided to head further into the city to see what it was like. As always, I admired the amazing murals and traditional hanging signs.

I also oohed and aahed at the treats through the windows, but unlike our trip to France, we did not stop to taste these goodies!

Lucerne is surrounded by the “Musegg Wall”, which was built in 1386 and is almost entirely still intact! Four of its towers are open to the public.

We enjoyed climbing those to get a better view of the city.

(Ella has a baby doll that she strapped on with her sarong)

We admired some clockwork, too:

After climbing down from the wall, we found ourselves on the outside.

And…surprisingly…we ran into some wildlife!

And also a running track, which our kids raced on until we made them stop!

Kids will be kids—no matter where you happen to take them. And that’s the beautiful part…

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