Finding a good house rental in Chiang Mai can be a cumbersome task. Sure, there were options—but most of them only had 1 or 2 bedrooms, no kitchen, and absolutely no yard (high-rise condo-style). That’s not our idea of living!We knew we wanted to be outside of the city so that we could have a yard, access to a swimming pool, and an overall quieter pace.

Thankfully, we finally ran across a great couple that has great house rentals in Chiang Mai (click on the link to get to their website and see lots of photos of our kids…since we helped provide photos of the property in use!).

We ended up in one of their rental homes on the outskirts of town (about a 15-20 minute motorbike ride to the center of town), in a neighborhood known as “Land and Houses” or “Chonlada”.

The gated community was quiet and beautiful, had a playground, gorgeous pool, and was close to some wonderful grocery stores with expat specialties and organic produce!


There was a beautiful pond running through our area of the development, and we enjoyed feeding the big catfish!




So, there you go—a mini plug for our great landlord and his awesome house rentals in Chiang Mai! He will never see this…but hopefully some of you may find him!!

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  1. That is too funny. I was just looking at these rentals last week. We contacted them, but no word back. Oh well. We were only trying to rent short term for a week, while we looked for a longer term property. It was also a thought to give the suburbs a trial run.

    We just arrived in Chiang Mai today and are planning to stay a few months. We are torn between in city and out. UG… we have 2 kids that are 9 and 12, so it is a bit exciting being in the city. That said, we would love for them to be able to meet other kids and just play outside. It is nice to know you enjoyed the area.

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