If you spend any decent amount of time in Chiang Mai, Thailand, you will find yourself searching for some play places to entertain your children. Suan Buak Haad is a public park in the southwest corner of town with some grass, a pond, and dilapidated playground equipment that is still perfectly sufficient and entertaining for kids. However, you will soon be melting in the heat and humidity, so I’ve found you an alternative—an indoor play place in Chiang Mai!

There is a great indoor playground located at the Kad Suan Kaew shopping mall, just outside of the northwest corner of the Old City walls on Huay Kaew Road. It is an odd maze-like brick building that you wouldn’t glance twice at while driving by. It has many floors that twist and wind you around and up and down stairs…and here you will find a Thai language movie theater, inexpensive computer and phone repair stores, as well as endless boutiques, food stalls, and restaurants. Tucked in the back of one of the upper levels (several floors above the food stalls), you will find this play place:






This padded playground is air-conditioned, loud, but cheap (I believe it was just over $1 per hour per kid). There is an area for adults to sit and enjoy some take-out food from any restaurant, as well as many other pay-per-ride games that your kids will beg to ride. In other words…on a hot muggy day, this is your go-to mall for shopping, food, and children’s entertainment!

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  1. Living Chiang Mai says:

    There is a non-free playground for kids in every shopping mall. Kad Suan Kaew as you mentioned, but it’s old. You’ll find one from also from Maya (corner of Huai Kaeo and the super highway), Central Festival (corner of super highway and Chiang Rai road), Central Airport Plaza (near airport on Hang Dong road) and Promenada (corner of Mahidol and middle ring road).

    In addition, you can find indoor playgrounds from eg. Big C Superstore complexes (like the one on Hang Dong road), and quite a few restaurants (which usually requires dining).

    There is a partially plastic made, ie. more modern, playground about 600 meters north from the moat.

    • Hmm…that’s interesting. We certainly looked for them in the airport plaza and Big C, and never came across one! That would have been very helpful on those days we needed relief from some heat! The Maya Mall is new from last year–it looks great!! Thank you for listing some places that readers can find some more play areas! It is often hard for visitors with kids to track down these playgrounds!

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