I have posted about Saigon Street Eat’s tours in Ho Chi Minh City recently, and I really can’t recommend them enough for a unique and culturally rich way to experience Vietnam!

The first time we did their tour, we did a morning Saigon Pho Trail food tour—which started with a Pho noodle soup breakfast, shopping at the markets, and stuffing our bellies to the max at a Buddhist temple. Since we enjoyed it so much, before leaving HCMC, we decided to also do the Family Feast Tour, which is an evening out at a local family restaurant. Nothing was in English here—so we were at their mercy to order us some good food!

Luckily–YUM is Barbara & Vu’s (the faces behind Saigon Street Eats) middle name!

Dinner started with a scrumptious selection of goodies, such as the garlic-fried morning glory that our family just died over (kids included)!


There were some meats present, but I just stick to the veggies!  And we avoid fish and seafood like our life depends on it (and perhaps Jared’s does)!


Spring rolls, tofu, and spicy salads…yum!


We also discovered that “Russian salad” is very popular—basically a cold potato salad…with a Russian origin?


Last came the really fun part—a hot pot style meal! They had some full-out chicken legs in there (they were specific to request no feet or heads–thankfully!), which cooked away in the center of our table as we dunked in other veggies to cook in the hot broth.


My favorite?  Of course—the mushrooms and greens!


Barbara and Vu, the hosts of Saigon Street Eats, are a total joy. We had a great time learning about foreign foods with them, and eating like locals.  Give their tour a go when you visit Ho Chi Minh City—it will be a highlight of your trip!


Meanwhile, Ethan did what he does best. He wandered around making buddies with all of the staff, and allowed them to give him person tours of the fish tanks.


He is such a flirt!


Thanks again to such a wonderful experience in Ho Chi Minh City with our new friends!


My name is Alisa, and I am off traveling the world with my adventurous husband and rambunctious 3 small children. I love mountains, outdoor living, and I am crazy about vegetables. Most of all, I love making memories with my family, and I enjoy sharing our travels with others!

2 Responses to “Saigon Street Eats Tour 2”

  1. Julie Saville says:

    That garlic fried morning glory looks awesome. I think it is amazing that your 7,5,and 2 year olds love this kind of food. They certainly didn’t grow up on McDonalds, did they…

    • It IS astonishing that my kids loved this. Sadly, we have never again had it this crisp and fresh again…so it’s never been AS big of a hit (although Maiya goes nuts for it anyways, most of the time)!


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