Like any Latin American country, Guatemala comes to life at night!

The central plaza in Antigua, Guatemala has a stunning chapel that glows in the darkness!

Street performers come out to make their money for the night…

And the famous archway of Antigua sets the tone over its wide cobblestone streets.

Several plazas throughout town can be found full of street food and vendors during the holidays. We were just so lucky to catch a bite to eat before bed (or many bites, I should say)!

Sabina from A Kings Life models the veggie tostadas we found for dinner! (Lettuce, beats, onions, etc…)

Of course there are plenty of sweets for those who are so inclined…

Chocolate-covered strawberries, anyone?

Or are apples more your thing?

The sweet corn made our mouths water!  After living in Mexico for over a year, we missed true sweet corn (Mexican corn isn’t sweet)!

Nearby a small chapel had alters built in celebration of Semana Santa. This fruit is not for the taking!

As we loitered among the food and festivities in the smaller plaza outside, we suddenly noticed that 4 year old Maiya was missing. The kids had been playing “hide-and-seek”, and Maiya was either very good at hiding, or she was gone. A blondie in this dark-haired crowd stands out. All four adults ran different directions to try to track her down, asking strangers if they had seen her.

She reappeared many (long) minutes later, and we made a new rule that hide-and-seek is forbidden in public, busy places!

So…enjoy that night life…but no crazy kids games at these hours, okay?!


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