As I’ve mentioned before, we use a funny packing system for road trips that helps us stay organized. This method doesn’t work when flying…but works PERFECTLY when driving from hotel to hotel.  It involves making day packs containing our clothes for each day, and throwing them into a suitcase day-by-day as we head into hotels.


Packing up for a trip is always a little bit chaotic. Jared is a master-packer—or more fittingly, I should call him an energizer bunny. When a packing job is at hand…he just keeps going and going and going until the job is DONE!  Me?  I get unmotivated or just plain distracted. Thankfully, he is very methodical and gets everything carefully packed up over a day or two before we leave on a big trip. The day-pack packing is my job, however.


The back of our van looked like this as we prepared to head out on our 49 day road trip. Suitcases, day bags, a portable shower (more on that later), a small cooler to store snacks, laptops, a stroller, and pillows (Mexican hotels have the worst pillows!). We also have a roof-top carrier stuffed with camping needs (sleeping bags, chairs, a sun canopy and other beach gear). We also had to make sure our vehicle is prepared for this long road trip by getting Diesel Tuning Australia.


I have to admit this is pretty “light” packing for us on a road trip. In this case, we knew we’d be gone for at least a month and a half, so instead of stuffing our van full (like on a weekend trip to the beach), we tried to limit things. Why is it that short trips take more luggage and junk?  It’s because you think, “Oh, we have room for that…grab that, too!”

What is your method of packing?

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