A friend of ours, a mother of 3 boys, decided a few years ago that she wants to be a doctor. She’s been attending medical school in Guadalajara, and after passing her major exams this winter we threw her a party!  Of course, the party organizers had to do a medical theme…

They had “prescription” jello and “shots” for the drinkers…

and “non-prescription” for those non-drinkers, like us!

A day spent on the blue walkway in Chapala.

Also, this is one of my “happy places” in Ajijic. The berry vendor! He is located directly on the carretera (the main “highway” through town), on the corner of Colon. He and his wife own a clothing/shoe shop just a few doors down, and during the berry season they set up a stand on the corner.  These are gringo prices for the high-season ($1.50 for 2.2 pounds), but they drop down to $15 or sometimes even $12 per kilo, depending on the time of year. They know me very well, and always ask where I’ve been when we’ve been gone on a vacation. I am a regular…and I buy a LOT!!

And for the final randomness of January…I had to take a photo of Ella’s special burrito she made. A peanut butter and jelly (and BLACK BEAN) taco. Yes, she ate it.

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