Some of you are asking…how does this all add up? 

What does it take to pack up your van and drive across the Yucatan for one month? Here are the numbers we came up with…

41 tolls

4,000 miles driven

13 Mexican states

~2 meals eating-out each day

22 hotel nights (3 nights in an all-inclusive resort)

2 nights camping & 2 nights at a friend’s home

12 pyramids with entrance fees

1 new Mexican computer

1 cenote

1 laguna

4 beautiful beaches

5 lavanderias (full service laundry)

1 island

Total cost?

Drumroll, please…


That’s an average of $125 per day for a family of 5

(total does not include the computer!)

Could you do it cheaper?  YES.

Could you do it much more expensively?  Most certainly, YES!

But this is how we rolled! If we traveled like this year-round, we would spend about $43,500/yr.

How do you roll?

Yucatan Road Trip Day 29 - Final Day!

9 Responses to “The cost of a Yucatan Road Trip”

  1. You guys truly rock! 🙂

  2. Gringomac says:

    I’m jealous, that’s incredible value and really remarkable when you add in the pure joy aspect and memories for ever..

  3. A couple things, I raised my three children by myself and we traveled every year in Mexico mostly in a tent as it was all we could come close to affording. My children learned so much from this and we are still in touch with now 3 and possibly soon 4 generations of families we met on those travels. I did all of the Yucatan last summer and I , after looking at your map am soooo sorry you did not spend move time in the middle of your outlined area as it is so much more, I hope when your children reach early teens you spend a lot of time with them in the city of Guanajuato as it is truly the city dominated by 18 and older young people, so many schools and Universities it is an awesome city and you can be there in not time at all now with the new tolls to that area. Trust me you will not be sorry.

    • How great that you’ve spent so much time in Mexico! Fortunately, we have not missed the central part of Mexico! This trip was solely the Yucatan, and we have spent much time in the central states, exploring cities like Leon, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, etc! Mexico’s cities are all so vastly different…it’s hard to miss any of them! Upcoming in our blog is our April/May 49 day trip down to Guatemala and Belize via the Southern Pacific coastal route of Mexico, and then back up through Southern Mexico. We have *almost* covered all of Mexico, now!! We love this country!

  4. ike huber says:

    Have visited Merida, Campeche and San Cristobal de las Casas and loved em all. Merida particularly has a charm we’ve enjoyed. You’ve taken the step we’ve been too fearful to take.
    Look forward to your blog.


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