What’s your method of packing?

For the past year and half we’ve come up with a creative method for packing.  We make packets in individual pillow-case size bags…Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Swimming, etc.

That way we are running into a hotel, we grab whatever Day pack we need, and throw it in a suitcase that is pre-packed with our toiletries and baby necessities. We disliked big suitcases that held all of our changes of clothes, and were too heavy to heave up stairs. We also disliked packing in the dirty clothes to the hotel every night! Our path method conveniently prevents kids from picking their own outfits (protecting themselves from mixing a shirt for one day with pants for the next day…inevitably leaving a terribly mis-matched outfit for the next day)!

Yeah, we’re kind of crazy like that.

At 3pm today we leave for our trip to Guatemala. The girls will come home from school, change clothes, get fed, and we’ll be off…driving towards the beach as fast our van will carry us!

We’ll spend a week driving the southern Pacific Coast of Mexico. We’ll be in Antigua by the 4th of April, ready to experience Semana Santa with friends!  By early May we’ll be headed back up to Central Mexico, and stop in Chiapas, Oaxaca, and catch a lot of the towns in Mexico that have been on our bucket list!  After this trip, we will have visited 23 of 31 Mexican states!

Anyways…I’ve got a lot of things to wrap up…so I’m off to packing! 5 1/2 hours to go!!

Time to see more of this beautiful planet! 

Adios, amigos!!

4 Responses to “Packing up”

  1. I don’t really like big suitcases either, especially when you are going on a meandering journey and staying lots of different places like the trip you are describing. You are constantly carrying stuff from your car to the hotel and back when you only needed a few things. Then again, I am more and more embracing the whole less is more approach so could go on an extended trip with only 1 pack!

  2. What a great idea! We always have way too much stuff with bike gear etc…


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