What do you do when you are invited to two Mexican birthday parties in one day?

Well…gee…you can’t just miss them!  But committing to both is committing to a loooong day! And it is not just a long day for your child that is attending, but for the whole family. As per Mexican culture, an invitation to a party is for the entire family!

We started at Maiya’s classmate’s party, first!  Painting ensued…

Ella was selected by the clown to play a little scavenger hunt. It was cool to watch her listen to them speaking so quickly in Spanish, and take off on a hunt to find whatever they asked for!  I sat away from Jared, getting a video of the kids. Imagine his surprise and confusion when she came to him looking for a certain amount of money from his wallet. Let’s just say that he wasn’t following the game very well…

 Their hot dog toppings included a mushroom/onion/bacon mix and guacamole. Heck, if you have to eat a hot dog, this is the way to do it!

Next, we went to a birthday party 30 minutes away in Jocotepec. Johanna and Immanuel are brother/sister (friends from church), and have birthdays very close to one another. Their parents must be very social, because we were among hundreds at the party. We were the only gringos, however. Can you imagine having this many kids hovering around the cake (keep in mind, half of the kids aren’t even pictured)!

We arrived home at night exhausted, and eager to hide the kid’s piñata candy from them!

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