Why is it that children love eyeglasses?  We try to keep them out of Ethan’s grasps, but it is not always an easy task. Well, one weekend Ethan grabbed Jared’s glasses and broke them. We did the best gluing job we could (because Jared does not have contacts or any form of backup for seeing), but it was not holding.

 After checking out the local Chapala.com forums (a great online resource for finding any information about living “lakeside” or Mexico, in general), I discovered a reputable eye doctor/surgeon in Guadalajara at San Pablo. I called the office first thing on Monday, and we got an appointment for the very next morning. We made the hour and a half drive to Northern Guadlajara, and patiently waited throughout Jared’s 5 ½ hour exam to determine if he was eligible for Lasik surgery.

 Ethan entertained himself (and others) in the large waiting area with a balloon that a staff member so kindly gave him.

Jared was whisked from room, to room, to room, to room, to be examined on all of their specialized equipment. And thankfully, he was eligible!

We scheduled surgery for the very next day, and it was quick (and not so painless). Jared said it was pretty horrific for the 15-minute surgery, but he survived and was more than happy that he did it. The staff wheeled him out to our car, and I braved the Guad traffic for the long drive home. He was ordered to take it easy for a day, and returning the next day to have the bandage removed. So, on the third day in a row of driving to Guadalajara, they removed his bandages, and he could see the world clearly and beautifully. I admit I was a bit jealous!

They asked to see him again a week later (drive #4), and we also scheduled an appointment for me to see if I could also be eligible for the surgery.  We left the baby with a friend, which made the long wait in the office not nearly as painful.

However, their final decision was a little bit painful: Not eligible.

At least, not for now. Now I need to go do some research on how to thicken my corneas!! Is it possible???!!!

p.s. Surgery for both eyes with all appointments and prescriptions included cost about $1,200 USD. If we’d waited, it would have been even cheaper with the current exchange rate!

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