Our children refer to a particular malecon as the “Blue Walkway”, because oddly enough they painted the entire walkway blue. It is located between Ajijic and Chapala (almost to Chapala, in fact), and runs right along a road. If you pass by there on a Sunday, you will see that the park is PACKED with Guadalajarans and families enjoying the grass and playgrounds. Every other day of the week, it feels nearly deserted. We like to let the kids go there with their bikes, and they also enjoy the simple playground.


The park’s new slides are some of the most modern I’ve ever seen. They are not only colorful, but very steep and even have handle/security bars on the side (a RARITY in Mexico!). The funny thing is, the top of the slide doesn’t have a flat landing for little bums to sit down and get ready to slide. It immediately slopes down, which is quite awkward, in my opinion.


Nonetheless, the kids enjoy the slides, swings, and especially the monkey bars. Have I ever mentioned that Ella is a natural monkey?  She is a monkey-bar fool, and could probably spend all day on the monkey bars (in fact, that is where she spends her entire recess at school, I’m sure). If Ella isn’t making us spot for her under the super-high monkey bars, then Jared and I get to enjoy sitting on the park benches, looking out at the beautiful lake.

Believe it or not, Jared doesn’t get to have all the fun. 

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