Jared and I have purchased cable for the first time in ages. I admit we almost never watch it, but we keep it because Jared is thoroughly enjoying catching American sports on some of the English networks.  In theory, I also find it kind of fun to turn on a movie in English with Spanish subtitltes (“Oh! That’s how they say that!). But that almost never happens…we’re just not tv people.

In fact, late this summer I was surprised when Jared  gave quite a bit of attention to the final games in the World Series on TV.  “World Series?”  For those who are clueless like me, I learned that involves Baseball (ha ha).  I said to him, “In our 8+ years of marriage, when have you EVER watched baseball?  I didn’t even know you liked it!”  To which he responded, “We’ve never had CABLE, before! Of course I like it!”  So, apparently my husband is also a fan of baseball, on occasion. Who knew?

Anyhow…Mexican weather gals love to strut their stuff. And I mean really. Forget the professional suit skirt…they wear nightclub dresses. Or worse, the outfits they wear are ones that I would think fitting for women standing on the street corner waiting for a nightly gig. It’s bad.  Tight, short, low cut, etc.

And to get a really good laugh…please watch this short video I found on YouTube. Truthfully, it will show you many many more of these outfits… the every day outfits worn by Mexico’s beautiful “Weather women”!! And the end of it is shamelessly really funny.


3 Responses to “Mexican Weather Women”

  1. LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Oh my!!! Just think of how the news stations ratings would go up in the States!! LOL!! And that video was soo politically incorrect – loved it. 😉

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