San Carlos is a great little beach retreat that is popular among Arizonan’s who want to make a quick run to a clean, beautiful Mexican beach!

We hit up this beach briefly in 2008, on the second day of our very first visit to Mexico! Jared had found a small car path last time, which led us directly to some pristine beaches. What he failed to remember is that we were visiting during the rainy season this time, which meant there was a shift in the “road” (aka path). At the end of the now very rough ride, we found a large standing body of water between our normal path and the beach.

But that didn’t deter Jared from continuing on (despite my pleadings not to!). He found a small path of sand that skipped by the side of the water, and continued on to the beach.  On he drove.

And within 10 seconds, we were STUCK.

And I mean S.T.U.C.K.

About seven young Mexican men were nearby, packing up their van from what I’m sure was a great morning at the beach. They had successfully driven their van onto the beach (Jared pointed out)…but of course we were carrying a cargo trailer, as well. When these men saw our plight as our 4 adults tried to figure out how to free our van from the doom of the sand, they offered their assistance to help push us out.  With all the manpower we had, it was still clear that we were not budging that vehicle and the attached cargo trailer.

Plan B. They unhooked the cargo trailer and pulled it aside (not an easy task given its weight).

Next came our endless efforts to move just the van out. Sweat was shed, hands were burned on the hot van, sand was sprayed in hair, wood was stuck under the tires…and all to no avail. It would not budge.

Low and behold…suddenly a jeep with a tow rig came up and offered to pull our van out for a hefty sum of $500 pesos (he must have a thriving business trailing after foolish people like us who need a hand!). We gawked at the price, and suddenly it dropped to less than half.

We gave in–and let him pull us out. He did it without breaking a sweat.

Next he pulled out the trailer…all within minutes.

I tried to hand the young men an equal sum of money that we paid the tow guy, because after all…THEY had put a lot more effort into it for us!  However, they would not take my money, despite my best efforts. Gotta love the generous Mexican people!

And an hour or so later, we finally had a chance to enjoy the beautiful waters on the beach of San Carlos, Mexico.

I can understand the attraction to this simple desert retreat.

A few good restaurants, some peace and quiet, and miles of liquid blue!

And yet the sand-stuck adventure was over, all I could think was:

“At least I have something to blog about!”

Well, that…and…

“I told you so, Honey!”

😉 Love you!

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