You have a membership to Costco, right?  Well…lucky us…we have a Costco (several actually) in Guadalajara, too!

Just as in the US, the front has a little eatery place with picnic table seating and some basic eats to enjoy after you spend waaaay too much shopping for things you don’t really need.

But the graphics on the Mexican signs are a bit different. For example, below you see a picture of a hot dog. One side is lined with onions, and the other is lined with jalapenos. Skip the ketchup, mustard, and relish!

And they’re serious about those toppings. Instead of finding a dispenser for pickle relish in the napkin area, you instead find dispensers for those two hot sides. I can only imagine how spicy a hot dog would be with the amount of jalapenos pictured in the above photo!

As for produce hunts…

I love to make African Quinoa Soup, which is best when cooked with sweet potato. I was finding it nearly impossible to find them, until I finally realized that these red camotes are a sweet potato!

They  are most often covered in dirt and very shriveled, so I’m rarely able to find ones that are suitable for buying. When I do find a good bunch, I buy a lot, chop them, and freeze them for future soup nights!

On the fruit front…

We recently went to a church children’s activity, where they served this beautiful produce as a snack. What are they, you ask?

Green oranges!  Who knew?

And how do you think they ate them?  Of course…covered in chili.


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