I have posted before on this blog to show you my piñata creations. For Ella’s birthday, I began to wonder if my pinata creations could possibly match up to the piñatas that are made in Mexico. Before embarking on this difficult task, I decided I should check out the prices of piñatas first.
I was surprised to learn they run between $40 and $45 pesos (yeah, about $4). Hmm…the reason I made my own pinatas in the US was because the pinatas were about $20 each (for cardboard you’re just going to beat up?! Give me a break!). In this case, I gave in and let Ella have her pick of the local fare:

She decided she wanted Strawberry Shortcake who was hiding the back room, in need of repair. Her hair and clothes were spotted and bleached from the sun, and she needed some new crepe and tissue paper. I wish this photo showed her condition better. She was sad.

We took her home and did some surgery until she looked like this:
The kids happily beat her to a pulp for Ella’s small birthday party (5 friends only).
Happy 6th Birthday, Ella!

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  1. You forgot to mention your pinata is as big as your 6 yr old daughter! Fabulous job sprucing up Strawberry Shortcake. By the way, did Ella get her crown?

  2. Love that pinata!! I have to say that the $20 I spent on Tyler's pirate pinata was worth every penny! 🙂 If I would have had to make one more thing, I would have been pulling my hair out! I like that Ella chose a red haired doll that looks like her!

  3. Happy sweet 6!!! That pinata is awesome – TALL!!! – and I love the colors. I'm sure you did a lot of work on it too.

  4. How did I miss this? I guess I've been too involved on a certain scrapbooking site for the last month. Awesome piñata! Good choice Ella!

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