We pulled our awesome little “Yuppie Wagon” trailer (yes–it’s really called that) up to Alaska and back last summer, then across to Georgia and back…a tire blow-out was bound to happen at some point (even though these tires were just put on in the Fall)! That happens when you take mini tires like this at speeds well beyond the recommendation you see printed on every small U-Haul trailer (we’ve since noticed this recommendation).Anyhow…only 1 1/2 miles from our exit to stay the night with friends in Pueblo, Colorado…there she blew!! And off blew the wheel cover, and everything!
Maiya had just fallen asleep, and didn’t notice that we pulled over to take a look at the damage. Ella, on the other hand, was devastated…and she began crying “We’re NEVER going to make it!” Hehehee…it was soooo funny! Luckily, my sister-in-law, Jenny, had so graciously packed the girls goody bags for their journey…and Ella found solace blowing bubbles on the road side while we fixed the tire!
We were on our way to visit my old theater friend, Rosina (we did Savior of the World at the LDS Conference Center back in 2000), and her hubby, Peter, came to our rescue with some tools and labor!
While the men got the spare tire on, Maiya eventually woke up, and Ella entertained her in the van.

We are so blessed that this blow-out occured so close to our destination…and better yet, that we could have an extra pair of hands to help with the tire removal/swap!!
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  1. I'm glad it happened in daylight too! Wooh – I'm so glad that you DID make it!

  2. So glad that those bubbles came in handy- I feel Ella's pain. I used to cry and feel devastated when my parents cars would break down or we would get lost. So glad youo ohoad help. ()oTyler ois oheloping ime write this- srrloplprpporyo.o 09byeo

  3. Wow! You are amazing travelers. What wonderful adventures you are having as a family. Where are you now? You need a map on your blog tracking your path so people can see your zigzag travels. Are you going to write a book???
    If your passing even remotely close to Moscow, Idaho on your way north, please stop by. We would love to have you stay with us.
    Brooke and Mike

  4. Good thing it happened close to friends! Such cute girls!

  5. Wha?? I had no idea this happened! Apparently I was behind like 20 blog posts, but for some reason thought I was totally up-to-date. Glad everything worked out okay with the flat tire, and that you went to Arches and Gage Park and fixed our backyard (can I get those pics) and came to TN with us and what are those strange sights in PTC? The pics aren't working. By the way, this is Lara.

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