It’s just a fun name to say…isn’t it?
AMICALOLA…Amicalola…I dare you…say it out loud!

Anyhow…before leaving Georgia, Lara & Greg took us to these Falls!

Looking preggo, now!
Blisters…oh, I mean…SISTERS…
don’t we look alike?!!
Or not…
The family…and our phantom spirit…

On the way there, we took a weird turn, and found ourselves at a Kangaroo Conservation Center! What?! In Georgia?
While we were tempted to pay the big bucks to take the little shuttle to see the kangaroos up close…the $30/Adult and $24/Child price tag was enough to convince us to instead snap a quick picture from the fence…where we DID, in fact, get to spot a few kangaroos waaaay in the distance!

The end.
Or ends.

4 Responses to “Amicalola Falls”

  1. FUN! btw, check out my comment my crocs post… the EXACT same thing happened to me!

  2. Fun stuff! That's cool you guys are making the trip fun and stopping to do neat stuff. Loved the pictures

  3. “the ends” ha ha ha ha ha!!!! We pet a kangaroo in North Carolina and they are SILKY SOFT! Who would have guessed? Like a rabbit….

  4. Ha Ha! Love the last picture!

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