Well, our hopes of experiencing a “warmer” Southern winter have been dashed to pieces.
Ella exclaimed, “But it NEVER snows in Atlanta. Except for 2 times!” Hmm…and we happened to catch them both!

The girls were SOOOO excited to get outside, and play in the snow!
It seems that despite our best efforts, they are not the snow-birds that their parents are!

Ella says, “Mommy…is snow healthy?” “Ummm…sure…as long as it’s not yellow!”
Lucky for the girls, their Aunt & Uncle (Lara & Greg) aren’t afraid of the cold, and they joined them outside and built a few snowmen with the girls!

Well, at least for kids, that is!

5 Responses to “Snow in Georgia!”

  1. I think your editing of photos for your catalog is rubbing off on your blog! These pictures are darling! SOOOO cute!

  2. Aaah fun! I never would have thought Atlanta weather could get like that. We'd had mid 40s all winter and it's only snowed 2 or 3 times here. Should have wintered in Alaska I guess – jk.

  3. Why is it snowing in all the wrong places? We need snow up here!!!

    Oh, and Jason and I are heading to Vegas the first weekend in March– want to join us? We're planning to get together with Morgan and Derek. Should be awesome!

  4. I am definitely afraid of the cold. It just wasn't that cold the day we made snowmen…I promise!

  5. cute, cute, cute! What are those snowman's eyes made of? socks? like the writing on the pictures!

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