Maiya was excited to pack up. For the first time, she found her way into boxes, just as Ella used to do for years. Funny that it took Maiya that long to get around to that…but I suppose Maiya spent less time at the store than Ella ever did.
In the background is our original store, located in the courtyard behind our large store on Broadway. 280 square feet…which increased to 1800 square feet. We sure did grow a lot in 5 years!
At home on the final night, the girls were very excited to pack up the suitcase. Well, they were excited to pack themselves. Ella is pretending to sleep, and Maiya is, in fact, enjoying herself (she put herself in there):
Ella says “Grrrrr!!” Be scared!!

2 Responses to “The end?”

  1. so funny! she looks hilarious inm the suitcase!

  2. That's hilarious that Maiya climbed in there herself. So funny! I love the crazy things kids do! It's sad to see you guys all packed up and leaving for good. I'm sure it was worth it though and now on to bigger and better things! Good Luck and we hope to see you guys soon. Let us know when you plan on coming through. Jenny

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