Closing up our business in Alaska required a lot of hard work, to say the least.
Ugh…I’m still tired, just thinking about it!

We also did our best to find new homes for many of our products. For example, we tore down our front window display, and found a new home for our ornaments:

Here is Jared and a neighboring biz employee walking our window display of ornaments to the store across the street. Weird. (By the way–notice the papered windows? This is what Skagway looks like in the winter, after 99% of the stores close their doors until Spring!)

Maiya helped out the best she could.
As did Ella. Here they are, packing up our river rocks from our window display. We realized years ago that we are completely incapable of keeping a window display dusted (or anything dusted, for that matter. After all, I am my mother’s child…). Thus, the need for river rocks to cover the bottom of the window display. Dust just disappeared (as did the flies and bees that would get stuck daily!):
Low and behold, this is what was UNDER the rocks (and what we didn’t have to clean up over the 3 years of having those rocks in there)! :

The girls were excited to finally have the window display to themselves. What performers!

Whoa. Weird. Totally weird.

4 Responses to “Moving on Out…”

  1. Your mother's child, eh? Should I put river rocks on all the flat surfaces in our house?

  2. Ha, ha…love Mom's comment. I think I'm definitely going to try the river rocks too, since I'm my mother's child as well. Bring some with you! I can't believe all the dead insects underneath – DISGUSTING! Okay, and the video of the girls performing, I have to say that I can clearly see a career for Ella in “American Idol” and maybe even a clearer career for Maiya in “Stomp”.

  3. I “second” what Lara said about American Idol and Stomp – that was great! I love Ella's moves! And her BEAUTIFUL singing! I'm excited to see you guys. I have so much to tell you about our trip – call me when/if you can!

  4. Ella is definitely your child Alisa- I can totally see her performing one day and with that red hair- who could resist?
    And kudos- you actually got your Mom to write a comment! Congrats! I don't think I've ever seen her comment before! 🙂

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