For the life of me, I can’t get this photo to move to the bottom of the post. So here it is–A photo of Jared and me, undisturbed by clinging children:
So, we really did it! We took a 3 day weekend! We arranged for our employee, Bev, to watch our store on Friday (her typical day off), and arranged for another friend
to watch our store on Saturday, and we were OFF!! We spent the night in Whitehorse at a beautiful new Bed and Breakfast (and one of the most affordable, as well) called Versleuce. The place was fantastic, but the bed left my back out of whack for almost a week (until I relented-and asked Jared to pop it for me–wow–what a relief)!!
We did a bit of shopping, a lot of relaxing, and of course, we visited the Canada Games Center. Their pool is AWESOME!! Gotta love the large hot tub, lazy pool, big slide, and plenty of floating toys for kids to use:

Maiya loves going down this BIG slide on Jared’s lap. That girl has no fear, I tell ya’!

I finally showed Jared where the church in Whitehorse is located, across the river. I haven’t been there since 2002, when I attended a broadcast of the Nauvoo Temple Dedication (I believe that was the temple…). It is log-cabin style.

I particularly love the fact that every parking stall has a plug-in for those cold winter months. Wow…can their cars seriously not go 3 hours without needing to be plugged in?

The church has a nice view of the city of Whitehorse (capital of the Yukon). Here’s the view up-river:

And down-river:

We even discovered some new walking trails by the Yukon River, and thoroughly enjoyed the day’s beautiful weather.

2 Responses to “3 day weekend!”

  1. How exciting! You guys look great and your surroundings SO beautiful, I love the colors of the water and sky!

  2. Looks like fun, but then you're always having fun! By the way, I've had it where I can't move the picture either. So, I have to save the post and go right back into it, then it moves.

    Love the temple trip pictures and story. I love your adventures!

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